Our Club is available for adult male and female cardio & weight-training programs beginning at 4:30pm.  Our strength and conditioning coaches custom tailor an individualized workout program that emphasizes strength development, conditioning and cardio improvement. 

Men and women work separately and in same-gender small groups or individually.  Encouragement and fun make getting in shape a great experience!

Bring a friend ... make new friends and finally enjoy better condition and health!


Volunteer coaches assist our
members at every exercise station. 
All levels of workout programs
include a few minutes on the
heavy bag for great cardio.
Free Weights provide additional
conditioning for arms, back,
shoulders and chest.
Curls and other free-weight stations
offer muscle conditioning while
improving cardiovascular.
Our private exercise room is perfect
for core training.  The climate controlled
area also features a CD player with
sound system.
No matter what level of fitness you
are at, our volunteer coaches are
there to assist at any station.
Better than a treadmill, our Gold Gym®
elliptical bike provides you with excellent
cardio without knee and ankle stress.
Loosing weight and or just toning up,
free-weights along with weight
resistance machines make working
out fun and rewarding!
Working in groups provides
encouragement making getting in
better shape fun.

Private morning sessions with a personal trainer are available.  Stop by, call or Email for more information.


Terri & Nicole

The coaches at Newton Gym & Boxing club congratulate Terri and Nicole Menville for their outstanding accomplishment during the past several months!

 Both women joined our Club to get in better health and become more fit with a cardio and weight-lifting program especially designed to meet their individual goals.

 Terri and Nicole dedicate about ninety minutes day 3-4 days a week at the Club and their progress has been remarkable.  They have followed a structured workout program that changes every few weeks.




If you are looking for a plush franchise gym facility complete with TV's, a fancy beverage bar, thousands of dollars of machines, soft carpet and high monthly dues, forget Newton Gym!  We continue to serve our community offering a great atmosphere to enjoy getting in better shape without all the whistles and bells and additional expense of a personal trainer.
Club members workout to reach personal goals, grow in self esteem and improve their health. The focus is personal achievement and sharing the experience of motivation.

You'll enjoy the atmosphere and keep coming back for more!


(USA Boxing® is responsible for selecting amateur boxers for national & international events including the Olympic Games.)

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Newton, Texas 75966
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