Our "Code of Ethics" is a compilation of a life style foundation that all members of the Club are obligated to abide by, most importantly the youth. 

The Coaches & Directors of Newton Gym & Boxing Club are dedicated to developing the mind and body of the youth member. 

"No Mountain Is Too Steep That Cannot Be Climbed With Care & Confidence"
Quote by "Gentleman" Jim Corbitt
Heavyweight Champion 1892-1897



I WILL encourage good sportsmanship from fellow athletes, coaches, officials, parents or guardians at every workout and tournament by demonstrating good sportsmanship.

I WILL be on time for every workout that I can attend, and notify my coach in advance if I cannot.

I WILL remember that Iím not indestructible and will be cautious in all physical endeavors. I will consult with my physician immediately if I feel injured or sick.

I WILL compete against myself, assist other members with fewer skills and learn from members with more skills.

I WILL treat my coaches, other athletes, officials and fans with respect regardless of race, gender, creed or abilities and I will expect to be treated the same.

I WILL encourage my parents or guardians and other family members to be involved with my goals in some capacity because it is important to me.

I WILL do my best in school or at work, respect my teachers or supervisors by my actions not just my words.

I WILL do my best to avoid using my skills against other people unless I am participating in a sanctioned boxing event.

I WILL at all times respect other people as I gain more respect for myself.

I WILL respect my Boxing Club and return equipment to its proper place, keep the building clean and be proud that the Club is here to help me grow in body and mind.

I WILL seek and accept honest criticism, acknowledge when I have made an error and always be willing to learn from my coaches and other people who share their wisdom.

I WILL remain drug and alcohol and tobacco free, abide by the laws of our Country and offer assistance to those friends or acquaintances that may be involved in those destructive habits.

I WILL not lie. I understand lying is stealing the trust that a person has placed in me.

I WILL not use profanity in the Club or at other functions representing the Club.