(This Page Illustrates The Building We Had From
July 2005 - September 2008)

Located just a block north of the Historic Newton County Courthouse Square on Glover Street, our 1800 square foot renovated building was abandoned some 30 years ago.  After several months of volunteer work and money, it now serves the youth of our community with the equipment and supplies an amateur boxer needs to improve his or her strength, conditioning and endurance.

We are open from 3:45pm until 7:30pm or later, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


Heavy Bags in a variety of weights and heights provide a youth boxer a challenging workout to improve endurance and style.


Speed Bags, also installed at varying heights, work the boxers' shoulders, hand-eye coordination and muscle endurance.  Our sparring gloves, bag gloves and wraps are organized and regularly sanitized and disinfected for boxer safety.


Sparring, footwork and punch mitt drills are performed in our Everlast  floor ring.  Canvas covers the 1" thick foam and other steel components are covered for boxer safety.


Resistance equipment provides 6 different workout stations for several boxers at the same time.  The Coaches develop a custom workout schedule for each athlete depending upon their individual needs and abilities.  The boxers' weight training concentrates on endurance one week then strength the following week.


A private changing rooms is to the right of the spacious and sanitary restroom and shower facility.  During the summer, several boxers finish their workout with a cool shower.  Clean towels are available to all boxers during and after their exercises and drills.


Each boxer receives individual attention and training from our experienced and USA Boxing certified coaches at various stages of their progress.  Boxers rely on a printed personal workout schedule of stations and drills to promote self-discipline.

As donations are received, we will continue to purchase additional equipment and supplies to assist our youth boxers in achieving their individual goals and dreams.

(USA Boxing is responsible for selecting amateur boxers for international events including the Olympic Games.)

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Newton, Texas 75966
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