September 23rd, 2006

Six of our boxers were matched at a great event promoted by the Crowley Kiwanis Boxing Club.  This was their first show in 21 years and the crowd turned out for this one!


Skylar Conner, 10, continues to dominate the 90 pound division with a dominating 3 rounds over his skillful opponent.  Conner's improving left jab and fast footwork earned him a unanimous decision from the Louisiana judges. 


Paul Rosemon, competing in the heavyweight division, made quick work of his adversary scoring a devastating knockout in the first 40 seconds of the first round.  Rosemon's quick and powerful left hook found its target and the match was over.  Paul is one of the most dedicated and hard workers in our Gym and he was rewarded with the 1st Place trophy!

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Reginald (Reggie) Mays fought his first amateur bout and went 3-rounds with a more experienced and aggressive boxer from Hands of Stone Boxing Club.  Reginald continues to develop his fundamental skills and his experience at the Crowley Show has made him even more dedicated to the sport.


There's no stopping Zane Conner in his quest for a national tournament opportunity as he brought home his third straight victory!  His opponent at the Crowley Show was Clayton Sellers, a tough puncher from the Youngstown Boxing Club stable who also will develop into a highly ranked Junior Olympic competitor. 


Max Karpel, right, competed in his first amateur boxing event against Robert Davis, a former defensive end and basketball player at the University of Louisiana.  Davis, 6'-7" and winner by K.O. of his last 5 fights, used his jab effectively to keep Karpel at a distance.  However, Max worked his best to slip inside Robert's punches and Karpel did deliver some awesome body shots that no doubt would have folded a lesser opponent.  A great opportunity for both fighters as they continue to gain experience.


Andrew Bethea, pictured top left with our boxers following the show, battled a tough and experienced athlete from West Monroe, Lawrence Brown.  Bethea dazed Brown in the first round but could not place the finishing blows before the referee stepped in and gave Brown a standing 8-count.  The fight continued and the judges decision leaned for Brown.  Bethea plans to work on more aggressive moves and advanced footwork techniques when he returns to the Gym.