Select Senior Boxers Travel To Houston For Sparring!

Early this Fall, the Newton Gym & Boxing Club coaches selected 3 heavier division amateur boxers to travel with Coach Karpel to Main Gym in Houston, a facility operated by a representative of Top Rank Promotions who trains and promotes professional boxers for various venues throughout the United States.  The club is also home of the successful Bayou Boxing Club, an amateur club managed by internationally recognized Walt Hailey, who trains nationally ranked amateurs and several future professional boxers.

Pictured from left to right are Darlington Agha, a tough super-heavyweight competitor training out of Main Gym, Newton Gym & Boxing Club athletes Paul Rosemon, a competitor in the heavyweight division, 2006 Newton High School graduate and State Champion football player, Andrew Bethea, a seasoned light-heavyweight and Max Karpel, our premier super-heavyweight.

"In order to give our older and heavier division boxers additional ring experience between sanctioned amateur bouts, we stepped it up a notch to give those men an opportunity to spar with seasoned amateurs and experienced pros," Coach Karpel commented.  "Our goal is to prepare our Newton area amateur boxers for the Golden Gloves Tournament and other state and national events.  Working with more experienced sparring partners simply makes our athletes better,"  Karpel added.

Rosemon, a tough, determined and strong heavyweight, went several rounds with the intimidating Darlington Agha.  "I learned from this match that I have to be even more aggressive and get inside my opponent's range to execute my body shots so they are more effective," Rosemon stated after his bout.  Rosemon performed well and several advanced techniques he has learned at Newton Gym & Boxing Club were initiated at this practice session.  "Paul is developing into a devastating body puncher.  His style is patterned after former world champion Joe Frazier ... work your way inside your opponent's effective reach and score on body shots.  Paul is putting it all together and he'll be a formidable competitor,"  Coach Karpel said following Paul's bout.

Bethea sparred with a former amateur champion sporting a 34 victory record and both boxers worked hard for 4-2minute rounds, identical to the time and rounds open class boxers compete during Golden Gloves elimination bouts.  Bethea's quick and powerful jabs, coupled with his exceptional footwork and hand speed, resulted in a great practice sparring session.  Following the match Bethea commented, "It was great working against a more experience boxer and Coach Karpel was quick to point out some mistakes I made and what additional skills I will refined when back in the Gym at Newton.  I felt good with my wind, endurance and other fundamental techniques the Coaches have assisted me with during the past 3 months."  Following the session, Coach Karpel stated, "I'm pleased with the progress Andrew has made and this experience will definitely help him refine his skills in preparation for the Golden Gloves and ultimately a Texas State Championship."

Max Karpel, a tough, strong and determined super-heavyweight, also sparred with Agha.  Karpel's hand speed and footwork kept his opponent at bay while jabs and hooks found their target.  "Max is mastering the fundamentals and he is concentrating on developing advanced techniques much quicker than most amateurs.  This was a great experience for him since most super-heavyweights in USA Boxing
are not as tall as he is.  Max takes instructions well and his quick footwork, awesome speed and punching power will prove to outpoint or KO his opponents as he prepares for the Golden Gloves and national events, " Coach stated.  His knees are not taking the pounding and abuse that resulted from nearly a decade as an offensive lineman in football and Max's determination to be the best super-heavyweight is evident by his self-discipline and improving skills.

All three Newton Gym & Boxing athletes totally enjoyed the opportunity to work with the Main Boxing Club athletes and we expect to make additional visits on a regular basis to other pro clubs every 2-3 weeks.

Thanks again to Main Boxing Club, Bayou City Boxing Club and especially Coach Walt Hailey for allowing our boxers to practice at their facility in Houston!