Our GRAND OPENING & RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY was held  Of Our Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting Ceremony On Saturday, August 7th, 2005.

THANK YOU Sherry & Courtney Tracy for all your help with the photography, great refreshments and designing our new T-shirts!  It's supporters like you that help make Newton Gym & Boxing Club a success for our area youth.


Co-Founder and coach Ed Tracy seen here just before the Ribbon Cutting ceremony.  A crowd of over 30 attended the affair and showed their support for the Club and our goal of helping the area youth in providing them a safe and structured environment to develop their skills and morals.


We were honored by the number of people who attended our ceremony especially on a Saturday morning.  We appreciate your support! 


Newton County Judge, Truman Dougharty, spoke briefly at the ceremony.  A retired Texas State Trooper with nearly three decades of service, the Judge had the crowd amused when he told the story of his adventures in the boxing ring at Trooper Training School as a rookie.  He found out real quick that boxing was not his life's ambition!


Newton Mayor Rachel Martin entertained the crowd with her enthusiasm that the "Old Feed Store" had been given a new life.  She let the audience know that Newton has always been recognized for its student athletes and now we will have another reason to be proud.


When the Ribbon Cutting ceremony was completed, the crowd was invited inside to watch the boys workout and spar.  Here, from left to right, are Buddy Hollis, Paul Price, Courtney Tracy, Charles Wright and Sam Collins.


James Burch (left) and Chase Odom (right) warm-up in preparation for a practice sparring match.